ICO Fellowship

What is ICO Fellowship?

BPE runs its flagship program called the International Changemaker Olympiad, an annual competition that invites students from grades 7th-12th all over the country to participate in teams of 2-4 and launch social initiatives that make a positive change in their home, school or community. Before reading further, it will be a good idea to understand ICO through its website. 

 As an ICO Fellow, you will be responsible to increase the reach and impact of the International Changemaker Olympiad in your region/city. Your role will require you to actively reach out to many schools in the country, make them understand the benefits of the Olympiad for their students, get them to register for ICO 2019-20, as well as mentor the teams that register to successfully launch their initiatives through the course of the Olympiad.

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Roles & Responsibilities

  1. Find new school leads to pitch ICO to via network connections, referrals, research etc.
  2. Active outreach to schools to spread awareness for ICO via calling, emailing and/or physically going to schools whenever possible.
  3. Manage the end-to-end operations to on-board schools and register students for ICO and ensure maximum participation of students from those schools.
  4. After student registrations, facilitate and mentor student teams to launch their changemaker initiatives remotely, through calls and whatsapp.
  5. Monitor and evaluate progress of the teams against the criteria of the Olympiad.
  6. Actively participate and work with the ICO Team and co-fellows for effective delivery of ICO.
  7. Attend team meetings/calls as decided.


  1. Understand the education sector through in-depth experience by dealing with many schools.
  2. Pitching Skills
  3. Mentoring and facilitation experience with students.
  4. Develop and enhance the 21st century skills of critical thinking, problem-solving, empathy, teamwork, and collaborative leadership in you. 
  5. Child Behaviour and Psychology
  6. Professional etiquettes

Competencies Required

  1. Self-driven, proactive, responsible, and committed.
  2. Thrive on growth. Excited about learning and levelling up!
  3. Good communicator
  4. Diligently attends to details and pursues quality in accomplishing tasks. 
  5. Child-centric, comes from a space of care, and has the correct motive. 
  6. Can understand/knows child expectations and behaviour. Shows interest in, anticipates, and responds timely to their needs. 
  7. Balances analysis, wisdom, experience, and perspective when making decisions.

Time Commitment

  1. 5-6 hours weekly for outreach to schools, on-boarding process, and registering the students (till the time on-boarding of schools stops).
  2. 3-4 hours weekly once the students start their initiatives – will be used for mentoring them, attending city team meetings/calls, documenting work, etc.

TENURE: July 2019 – March 2020

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Hear from our ICO Fellow!

"Spreading ICO in North-India, getting more schools on-board my city and mentoring the kids - everything was a great experience. You realise that you are not just making an impact, but learning great entrepreneurial skills along the way too!"
Shreya Jain
ICO Fellow, 18-19

The Selection Process

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Submit Tasks

You will be contacted and sent a list of tasks you need to complete and submit before a deadline.

Personal Interview

You will be interviewed by the team where we will get to know you more and you get to know us more!

Fellowship Results!

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