BPE Fellowships are here!

What is BPE Fellowship?

The BPE Fellowship is an incredible 1-year volunteer opportunity to create a impact in the real-world within the BPE ecosystem in an area that you are interested in, while simultaneously taking your personal and professional skills to another level. BPE Fellows are carefully selected for the profiles they apply in, and are highly motivated individuals who do whatever it takes to reach their impact goals.

As a Fellow, you are the champion of the cause and the custodian of BPE. You are someone who loves to inspire, support and work with other like-minded people to create impact that lives on beyond you.

Are you up for it?

Why should you apply?

BPE Fellowship comes with unique personal and professional learning opportunities that you may only get once in a lifetime. Here are a few of them!

Create real-world impact that's unique and powerful! 

No matter what Profile you choose, you will be directly contributing to a unique new age vision to achieve a world where every child will be a Changemaker!

Meet amazing like-minded individuals

Meet amazing like-minded diverse individuals who will be there with you forever. All BPE Fellows come from varied backgrounds united through a common cause. You will learn immensely from each other and form bonds for life!

Develop core area expertise

Develop your expertise in the area of your choice. Whether it’s teaching, or fundraising, or designing, you will get ample opportunity to experiment and head projects and take them to a next level.

Open doors to new opportunities.

The BPE Fellowship Experience will help you take the next step in life – whether it’s an MBA, or a transition to the social sector, or anything else. Through certificates, recognitions, and recommendations, BPE Fellowship will definitely be your launchpad! 

Who are BPE Fellows?

Believer of and enthusiastic about the vision that every child needs to be a Changemaker!

Self-Driven. Takes ownership of tasks and gets the job done. Highly participative

Thrives on growth and excited about learning more every day!

Is this you?

BPE Fellowship Profiles

BPE offers Fellowships in different work areas so that you can find one that’s perfect for you. You can apply in upto 3 of these Fellowships!

Changemaker Educator Fellowship (CEF)

Deliver the Changemaker Education Curriculum in a school for a year, and help create more Changemakers!

Currently not accepting Applications

Human Capital

Responsible for outreach and selection of new Fellows and Interns for the organization.

Currently not accepting Applications


Raise money for the organization through creative ways and become a master at Fundraising. 

Accepting Applications

Communications & Outreach Fellowship

Communicate BPE’s vision by creating professional videos, or writing articles for media, or heading the social media, or through a dozen other ways!

Currently not accepting Applications


Head the design vertical of the organization, create brand consistency across different platforms, and launch new initiatives!

Currently not accepting Applications

Intl' Changemaker Olympiad Fellowship (ICOF)

Responsible for conducting the International Changemaker Olympiad in your city, and directly increase the number of Changemakers created!

Accepting Applications

Found your calling?

The Selection Process

Fill Application Form

Fill the application form choosing your Fellowship Profile.

Submit Tasks

You will be contacted and sent a list of tasks you need to complete and submit before a deadline.

Personal Interview

You will be interviewed by the team where we will get to know you more and you get to know us more!

Fellowship Results!

Results will be out soon and you can start your transformational journey!

Hear from our Fellows!

"Spreading BPE in North-India, getting more schools on-board my city and mentoring the kids - everything was a great experience. You realise that you are not just making an impact, but learning great entrepreneurial skills along the way too!"
Shreya Jain
BPE Fellow, 18-19
"Fundraising changed my life. I was a bit hesitant to ask people in my network for donating, but once I settled in, I was able to raise 1.5 lakh rupees, and there was so much learning in the entire experience - from my pitching skills to my communication to my confidence levels. I feel everyone should fundraise at least once in their lives and what better way to start than this professionally guided experience with BPE."
Karan Vashisht
Fundraising Fellow, 18-19
"Through my CEF experience, I personally understood and realized how an initiative-taking mindset is one of the most powerful tools that one can use to bring about any change, and all kids should be given a chance to develop it!"
Neha Totloor
Changemaker Educator Fellow, 17-18
"The Comms Fellowship provides you with the freedom to explore your creative side and create some big impact for the organization. If you're interested in heading social media, or video creation, or just writing, this is the perfect place to nurture your skills to the highest levels."
Communications & Outreach Fellow, 18-19

So, what you are waiting for?